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Easy to Use, Convenient, and Affordable

Smart Labs’ smart vent system (S-Vent) gives you full, easy control of each room’s temperature in your home. With a click of a button, you can set a schedule for your smart vents to open and close by a set percentage at different times throughout the day.

Why S-Vent?

Exceptional Comfort

Adjust individual room temperatures to your  preference

Easy Control

No hub needed, 

no complications, 

no extra cash spent

Less Pollution

Less radiation,

Less pollution,

 healthier home

Research Based

Our products are research-based

No hub,

No extra cost,

No headache 

Our smart vent system is the only one available today on market that

does not use a hub or bridge; your vents connect directly to your phone!

With Smart Labs’ intelligent smart vent system, you can finally get an easy

to setup system, and a better signal at a lower, more affordable price.



Save Energy

You can save up to 36% in heating energy if you use our smart vents! Click the button to read Smart Labs published paper to learn more about how this is possible. 


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