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Room by Room Temperature Control

Easy To Use , Affordable  and Safe

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Less Pollution , Less Radiation,
Healthier home

Our Product

S-VENT gives you means of controlling the  temperature of each room . S-VENT helps you to redirect the air flow in your centralized heating or cooling system by setting your smart vent to open and close at a set percentage.

no more too hot or too cold rooms

save energy and reduce you bill

easy installation , easy control

Save Energy

You can save up to 36% in heating energy and lower your bill. Read Smart Labs published paper to learn more about how this is possible.

Easy control

With a click of a button, you can set a schedule for your smart vents to open and close by a set percentage at different times throughout the day. Just download the App and pair your devices.           S-VENT is easy to use.
No hub need.
No complication.

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